Glassium, we focused on supply and installation with a high quality standard of Aluminium & UPVC windows and doors and innovative design of facades. We have a vast factory situated DIP in Dubai with latest technologies and competent, passionate employee. We are exclusive Distributor of Aluplast Company one of the leading manufacturer of UPVC Windows and Door System company in the World.


ACP Cladding - Dependable and Affordable Option

Glassium Industries provides high-quality ACP cladding for buildings, signage solutions, malls, shop fronts, offices, etc. We are the leading ACP cladding suppliers in UAE. Our team adheres to all international standards and great finishing is visible in the panels

Durable and impressive results appear only when superior quality materials are used in the construction. The team of Glassium Industries delivers exactly what the customers expect from them. We have a very creative, competent and well-versed team that makes us the leading ACP cladding suppliers in Dubai.

Key reasons to install ACP cladding in UAE
★ Sleek appearance of the building
★ Fire resistant
★ Robust
★ Availability in multiple shadesbr>
★ Capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions

Why are modern customers preferring installing the latest ACP cladding?

❖ Lightweight - Modern construction materials are lightweight, and this factor certainly reduces the overall cost of a project. Moreover, it is easy to use the cladding in very large quantities.
❖ Availability in various colors - You can install claddings in both exterior and interior sections. Glassium Industries provides the claddings in various colors. Do not stick with the old, boring color patterns. Try to beautify your property with the help of the best color combinations.
❖ Non-toxic - After selecting the ACP cladding, there is no need to worry about health issues. Some other building materials are made up of toxic elements, but ACP cladding is completely safe. It does not release any type of harmful toxins.
❖ Durability - The durability of ACP cladding is well-known. It can last for several years. The claddings are durable and reliable. It is easy to adjust the claddings according to the need.

Nowadays, aluminium cladding has attained enormous popularity, and it is becoming an ideal choice. Many buildings with a contemporary design use aluminium cladding. In contrast to other building materials such as timber and metal, the maintenance cost of ACP cladding is affordable. In rural areas such features require low maintenance, but in industrial settings, you have to clean them twice a year.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for ACP cladding suppliers in UAE. Our products are not just attractive but also very useful. We are aware about the industry choices where the customers look for flexible options. UPVC windows and door uae cladding is impervious to different types of pests such as termites. Contact the team of Glassium Industries to learn more about the benefits of the ACP cladding.