We, GLASSIUM INDUSTRIES, focus on supply and installation with a high quality standard of Aluminum & UPVC windows and doors and innovative design of architectural facades. We have a vast factory situated in DIP in Dubai with latest technologies and competent, passionate employees. We are exclusive Distributor of Aluplast Company one of the leading manufacturer of UPVC Window and Door System company in the World.

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Date : 26-11-2022

What services does Dubai Fabrication provide?

Our area of expertise is the production of premium aluminium parts, including panel and contour fabrication. The professional workers employed by fabrication companies in the UAE have never encountered a production task that was too challenging for them to execute.

Date : 22-10-2022

What are the services that Fabrication in Dubai offers?

Production of premium aluminum-fabricated parts, including panel and contour fabrication, is our area of expertise. Fabrication companies in UAE have skilled staff yet to come across a manufacturing job that is too difficult for them to complete.

Date : 10-10-2022

What are the benefits of using Fabrication in Dubai services?

Our Fabrication companies in UAE include both the practice of building an object out of conventional pieces and the utilisation of procedures to manufacture individual components that may be utilised to produce a commodity or building.

Date : 29-09-2022

Using Glass in Interior Design

When it comes to adding more sophistication to the interior or exterior of the building, glass is a perfect choice. It is a widely used material in modern architecture in Dubai and has played a role in shaping the city’s skyline magically. It is a modern, elegant, and durable material that can be easily incorporated into any kind of building.

Date : 08-07-2022

Energy-efficient sliding doors and windows - A key necessity of modern homes

What are the main demands from a modern living space? It should bring in sufficient air and natural light. You will find that due to the change in technology and construction, a lot of things have changed in architecture. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we have better options

Date : 11-05-2022

5 reasons why you should replace wooden windows with aluminum

most of the decades-old villas and houses in UAE have wooden windows installed in them. But if you are buying an old house or renovating the one, you should consider replacing the old wooden windows with the aluminum ones. As per experts and aluminum fabrication companies in uae.

Date : 29-03-2022

Composite materials are generally made up of two phases: reinforcement and matrix

The connection between the 2 phases is formed using reinforcement material spread in the matrix material. The proper distribution of reinforcements is one of the most essential variables that has a direct influence on the composite's performance.

Date : 25-01-2022

Take help from noted fabrication companies to modify your property

It is never easy to renovate the home or property. You require specialized and superior quality materials to get the best results. All the sections of the property must be given proper attention, even doors and windows. The doors and windows are an important part of any property. They allow sunlight and fresh air to come inside the property.

Date : 09-10-2021

Cleaning the UPVC windows and Doors

The UPVC material for windows and doors is famous among constructors and property owners because of its longevity and low maintenance. Other materials such as wood need continuous painting and weatherproofing to save it from discoloring. The UPVC has earned to trust of the customers due to its ability to stay in shape for years without having much to spend on its maintenance.

Date : 26-09-2021

Know the fundamentals of ACP or Aluminium composite panels

ACP’s full form is Aluminium Composite Panelsin this polyethylene is sandwiched between the two aluminium sheets. The ACP sheets are available in the thickness of 2, 3, 4and 5 millimetre.The ACP sheets come in the size of 4 foot by 8 foot and 4 foot by twelve foot in size.

Date : 12-08-2021

Important Reasons Behind the Popularity of UPVC Doors and Windows

New trends keep on coming with the passage of time. Innovation and development of superior synthetic materials is obviously benefitting the construction as well as fabrication industry.

Date : 14-07-2021

Benefits of Installing Modern UPVC Doors and Windows

The construction industry is changing rapidly as new building materials are becoming available. Thanks to the advancement of technology, more reliable and affordable options are available for the customers. UPVC is now recognized in the construction industry

Date : 01-07-2021

Aluminum and Glass - Key Requirement of Modern Projects

Aluminium and glass are considered as important raw materials during the construction of a stylish building. Smart and conscious builders still rely on agile but sophisticated solutions. The noted aluminium companies in Dubai UAE understands the requirement of projects. Ensuring cost efficiency is very necessary.