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5 reasons why you should replace wooden windows with aluminum

Most of the decades-old villas and houses in UAE have wooden windows installed in them. But if you are buying an old house or renovating the one, you should consider replacing the old wooden windows with the aluminum ones. As per experts and aluminum fabrication companies in uae, the trend of using aluminum windows in the construction sector has taken over like a storm in the industry due to its numerous benefits. Read the post to know about the advantages of using aluminum windows as compared to wooden windows.


If you are interested to install windows that are supposed to last for decades, then don’t think about wood as an option. Wood is prone to weather effects, cracks, contraction, and expansion in different seasons. It is bound to lose its shape, size, and color over the years and is not considered a durable material. On the other hand, aluminum is bound to last for decades without any such issues.


Wood is a raw material which is why it is costlier than aluminum. Especially some varieties that are generally considered good for construction such as timber, teak, etc. are quite expensive. On the other hand, aluminum is a cheap metal that is manufactured and available at a relatively cheaper price than wood. In construction projects, where the contractors need materials in large quantities the use of aluminum reduces the cost of the overall project significantly.


When it comes to maintenance, wood is definitely not an ideal material. As wooden windows are prone to cracking, chipping, and moisture penetration, you have to use varnish, polish, or paint to maintain the look of the wooden windows. In case of negligence, the wooden windows can make your house looks dull and old. On the contrary, aluminum is a safe option with no such issues. It may get some dents or scratches over time but it mostly maintains its shape for a long time without much effort.


As it is the age of minimalism, aluminum is the perfect choice to give your house a sophisticated and modern look. While wooden windows are generally considered best to maintain a classic look, most people opt for aluminum windows to make them fit better with modern architecture.


One of the major benefits of using aluminum windows is that it is free of pest-infestation threat. Wooden windows are home to several pests such as termites and ants. These tiny creatures eat the wood from inside and weaken the overall structure of the house. Wood is also prone to penetration of moisture leading to mold and damp conditions in the house that are considered serious health concerns. the aluminium glass companies in uae claim that aluminum windows are free of all these charges and safe from pest infestation.s