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Know the fundamentals of ACP or Aluminium composite panels

ACP’s full form is Aluminium Composite Panelsin this polyethylene is sandwiched between the two aluminium sheets. The ACP sheets are available in the thickness of 2, 3, 4and 5 millimetre.The ACP sheets come in the size of 4 foot by 8 foot and 4 foot by twelve foot in size. This sheets is available in different colour options.

ACP sheets are used for the building façade and cladding in external elevation of a building or in simple language the ACP sheets are used to improve the exterior aesthetic value of the building. The good thing about ACP is that it can be used for the interior wall partitions as well and it also can be used as signage board. These all uses indicates that there is anextensive scope of work in whichthe ACP can be applied. Know more on ACP from Glassium who are the ACP cladding suppliers in UAE

Importance of ACP sheet

ACP sheet is nothing but a modern man made materialwhich is available with number of technical advantages like it is a light weight material, it is flexible so can be transmuted into any design, the installation of ACP is easy, the sheet or cladding can be installed swiftly, ACP sheet is made up of aluminium due to which there is no risk of rust, this is a durable & easily maintained material, it is available in many varieties in terms of colours and textures.

How the installation of ACP is done?

Before applying ACP the hall aluminium is used for the framing and the framing is done according to the required design. Whatever the panel size will be according to the required design the framing will be done on the basis of it. Similarly the size of the section will depend on the size that what altitude is decided for the ACP panel because for more height more heavy section should be used. Contact Glassium for best windows doors UAE!

Aluminium section is drilled into the wall and is fixed with the screws, and now let us talk about the fixing, generally the ACP can be fixed in several ways for example hanging method, dry casket method and narrow open joint etc. But it is recommended that ACP should be fixed to the tray type panel only because the tray type panel can be fabricated at the site.

Once it takes the shape of a tray then it fixed to the frame and the gap between two panels is filled with the casket and silicon. The joint thickness can reduced or increased.

Is the ACP sheet water proof?

Yes the ACP sheets are water proof and for this the joints should be carefully sealed so the rain water or moisture may not enter the gap. Then age of ACP sheets last between 15 to 2o years.