We, GLASSIUM INDUSTRIES, focus on supply and installation with a high quality standard of Aluminum & UPVC windows and doors and innovative design of architectural facades. We have a vast factory situated in DIP in Dubai with latest technologies and competent, passionate employees. We are exclusive Distributor of Aluplast Company one of the leading manufacturer of UPVC Window and Door System company in the World.

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What services does Dubai Fabrication provide?

Our area of expertise is the production of premium aluminium parts, including panel and contour fabrication. The professional workers employed by fabrication companies in the UAE have never encountered a production task that was too challenging for them to execute. Large and small clients in Dubai and the UAE can benefit from.

With our comprehensive industry knowledge and experience, Aluminium fabrication Dubai has become proficient in providing a range of domestic, advertising, and automotive metal fabrication products and solutions. Glassium in the UAE, a leading sign and advertising company, has a team of sign architects, developers, and programmers who are determined to offer the best business solutions for your needs.

Customers provide us with ideas on a regular basis, and we transform them into unmatched architecture signs using innovative, high-quality solutions. Our designers and architects continually adhere to the standards for inclusive architecture and strive to create innovative and adaptive environmental sign systems in every stage of development. Every piece of advertising is environmentally friendly and site-specific. Our goal is to provide you with the best marketing services we can.

Anything can be made by us. Anything that is visually appealing is something we design, including 3D sign fabrications, internal road signs, exterior signage, automotive vehicle illustrations, explanation stands, frame visual features, ads holding signs, specially made vinyl scanning, facade accumulating, construction sign boards, red book styles, tarpaulin diagrams, product lines & decals, image lithographs, wire inscription, internet design features, and safety and sanitation solutions.

In addition to fabricating aluminium, we also offer other services including manufacturing steel doors. Steel doors supplier in UAE produce steel doors there.

Doors & Shade Solutions

offers a range of steel doorway options. For factories, there are swinging steel doors, and for mansions, there are sliding gateways. Our Fabrication companies in UAE are automated and made to order in the required size.

Dubai glass manufacturer

glass company Dubai, the industry leader in the residential glass market in the UAE, has a long list of successes to its credit, including assisting local builders in meeting the nation's constantly raising criteria for sturdiness, energy efficiency, and aesthetically. As seen by the numerous outstanding design achievements in the Gulf, our expertise are able to alter the plan to meet specific requirements or aims.

Dubai-based aluminium manufacturer

Services for smelting Aluminium companies Dubai are provided by our aluminium supplier. The company provides casting allotrope, high-grade aluminium, filtered freshwater, and transportable moisture as extruder feedstock. The UAE-based Aluminum Glass Company operates internationally.