Glassium, we focused on supply and installation with a high quality standard of Aluminium & UPVC windows and doors and innovative design of facades. We have a vast factory situated DIP in Dubai with latest technologies and competent, passionate employee. We are exclusive Distributor of Aluplast Company one of the leading manufacturer of UPVC Windows and Door System company in the World.


Install the Latest and Most Effective UPVC Windows and Door Systems

Glassium Industries is a leading source to get the latest UPVC doors and windows in the UAE. Switching to the latest and most modern windows and doors in UAE has become very necessary in the current time. The UPVC windows and doors can easily withstand the tremendous heat of the summer season. Whether you are looking for a sliding window, a cement window or a fixed window, we can help you in installing any preferred option.

In the current time, the tech-savvy customers select UPVC doors & windows which are superior to steel, aluminium and wooden frames. Apart from unique properties, the reliability of UPVC windows and doors makes them an ideal choice. The technical team of Glassium Industries takes complete care about quality.

Benefits of installing the latest UPVC windows and door system UAE:
★ The UPVC windows can help you to stay cool, and it offers sufficient daylight. When compared with other frameworks, UPVC windows provide sufficient thermal protection. In winters, this feature truly proves very helpful. There is no impact of any environmental challenge.
★ The UPVC windows Dubai suppliers are concerned about the aspect of safety. Unlike the normal glass that converts into sharp blades after breaking, UPVC windows break into carbon granules. All the UPVC doors and windows are lead-free. They are safe for the environment.
★ The UPVC windows succeed in suppressing the noise. You can enjoy the calmness of the house. The acoustic coating diminishes the level of noise. Now, noise-cancelling windows are in huge demand. If you are searching for soundproof windows, we are the leading UPVC windows UAE supplier.
★ You can ask the companies to install custom-made windows. Glassium Industries is the leading UPVC windows UAE supplier. You can install custom-made windows in your homes and offices. They also provide better insulation.
★ It is easy to clean and maintain UPVC windows and doors. Moreover, these doors are not damaged by saline water, dirt and dust.

Look no further than us if you are searching for the best windows and doors UAE. Feel free to contact Glassium Industries if you are willing to give a stylish appeal to your home. We can help you with the most reliable and best windows in Dubai that are manufactured as per the highest specification.

It is an honor for us to be counted among the prominent UPVC windows and doors UAE suppliers. Our products are designed to withstand all the challenges that appear in a challenging environment. Due to the advancement of technology, innovative products have been developed that function impeccably in harsh climates. Intense heat, sand, dust and other elements do not affect the performance of UPVC. Due to the limited capabilities and performance of conventional material, many customers have started embracing UPVC doors and windows.

Glassium Industries understands the requirements of the customers in this saline-heavy climate of the UAE. Our high-quality product lasts for a sufficient period. It is very satisfying for us to see that our UPVC doors and windows perform impressively even in adverse conditions. We make sure that you get the ACP cladding suppliers in uae. Our team will make sure that UPVC windows Dubai complements your property.